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Building Regulations

Not to be confused with planning applications, the Building Regulations are there to ensure that buildings are built to a quality standard for such things as structure; fire; drainage; ventilation; insulation etc, and to ensure that all the works conform to the current Statutory Building Regulations as laid down by Law.

Building regulation matters are handled by either Building Control Officers within the Building Control Department of your local authority, or by licenced private inspectors, dependent upon who you or your Agent chooses to manage this process. Unlike planning, there is no committee and you should not have to endure a long wait for approvals, normally within 10-20 days.

How do I apply for Building Regulations’ Approval?

There are two ways to apply for approval under the Building Regulations: the Full Plans method or the Building Notice method (detailed below).

Full Plans Method:

The ‘full plans’ method of application is a more detailed and robust application as it requires the submission of up-front detailed drawings that show a great deal of information, such as the fire escape routes, ventilation capacities, for instance.

Architechnology.Design will provide all the necessary drawings, applications & covering letters for submission as part of the complete design process.

Building Notice Method:

Most people find that a Building Notice is the simplest and most appropriate for alterations or extensions to domestic properties.

You should not need specific drawings for this and your builder can look after the process on your behalf while undertaking the works.

To do this the builder simply completes a Building Notice form and submits it to the Building Control Department – this has to be done at least 48 hours before work starts on site.

Once the work starts, the Building Control Officer will visit the site and make arrangements with the builder to visit at specific points through the progress of the works to check that the works meet the minimum standard that the regulations require.

They may also request supplementary drawings and information. When the works are complete, you can ask the Building Control Officer to give you a certificate to confirm that everything has been done to the required level.

Planning Drawings Kent

We can help you plan and design your New Build using our latest 3D Architectural Design Software. 

This brings your project to life and helps you make the right design decisions for your project before you start the expensive build phase.  

Planning Permission Kent

The process of acquiring planning permission can be a long one, so getting it right first time should be your aim.

The planning case officer will consider different factors of the application including drawings and comments from neighbours to see that the plans meet the planning guidelines and the approval of the council.

Building Regulations Kent

Building regulations are a legal requirement and must be met on every extension, alteration or development project. Once planning permission has been granted an application to building control must be made to ensure full compliance before work is commenced.


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